Warm-up & Cool-down Workshop for Dog Clubs and Organisations

This workshop focuses on the benefits of warming-up and cooling-down routines, essential when embarking on any form of exercise – which is just as important for our active, sporting and working dogs as it is for us.

Energetic exercise carried out by a body which has cold muscles, joints, tendons etc., is ill prepared for the demands being made of it, which may lead to injury and unnecessary fatigue.


Our 2-hour workshop teaches you how to prepare your dog with an active dynamic exercise routine and massage, which can be used prior to training and competing. This workshop is aimed at any dog organisations or clubs who feel that this training would benefit their members and their dogs.

The session includes:

  • Short theory on why warming up and cooling down is so important
  • Massage techniques to ensure all your dog’s muscles are warmed and ready for action
  • Exercises to prepare your dog and activate their muscles before and after an event
  • Warm down massage, including gentle stretches
  • Minor muscular injury management


£150 for 2 hours
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The Small Print: It is up to the club to organise for their members to attend the workshop, including arranging a suitable venue. A one off payment is required in advance of the session. It is recommended that no more than 10 dogs attend the event due to space and handlers being able to get the most out of the session.