Performance and Sporting Dog Fitness

Do you have a sporting dog who competes regularly? If so then this is the ideal package for your canine athlete! The package includes:

– A muscle balance assessment (limited superficial palpation to assess muscle balance and identify areas of muscular tension).
– One-to-one exercise session (see below for details).
– A warm-up and cool-down session (see below for details).

Warm up for dog agility

One-to-one exercise session

The one-to-one exercise session includes exercises that are designed to work both on your dog’s stabilising core muscles and on the large superficial ‘go fast’ muscles.

The principle is very similar to pilates in humans and the exercises are performed slowly to ensure correct use and strengthening of the supporting muscles.

The exercises are controlled, targeting specific areas to help:

  • build core strength and improve balance and coordination
  • correct inappropriate movement patterns, therefore minimising compensatory issues
  • reduce the risk of injury
  • prolong your dog’s sporting life

Exercises with a specific focus for dogs competing in agility are available upon request.

Warm-up and cool-down session

A warming-up routine is essential when embarking on any form of exercise, and including pre­-exercise regimes as part of a ‘workout’ is just as important for our canine athletes as it is for those of the human variety. A pre­-exercise warm-up massage is a an ideal way to prepare the canine athlete for an agility run, a fly ball dash, an obedience pose, or even a madcap game of ball chase.

A cooling-down routine is just as important as a warm up and is extremely important when it comes to ensuring that our dogs are injury-free. A post-exercise cool-down massage will assist the canine body with its repair process and allows the handler to detect even a small injury. Many muscular problems in our dogs are due to untreated injuries. The major ones are obvious (lameness, stiffness, etc.), but the minor injuries can develop unseen and cause future problems.


Learn how to effectively carry out a pre and post event warm-up and cool-down massage.

Session Details

Duration: 2.5 hours
Muscle balance assessment – 12 hour
Exercise session – 1 hour
Warm-up/cool-down session – 1 hour

Cost: £90.00

Discount available for multiple dogs/handlers
We can offer our Sporting Dog Fitness package to a maximum of six clients at once. Please contact us to discuss your needs and a quotation.

The Small Print: Sessions are non refundable and must be used within a 6-month period of purchase. Price includes visits to a location within 10-miles of Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Mileage may be charged for appointments outside of this area.