Fun activities for dogs

Fun activities to do with your dog this summer

Now that the summer is in full swing, it is the perfect time to get outside and make the most of the warmer weather. Wondering how to keep yourself and your dog occupied? Here are a few fun activities you could enjoy with your dog this summer.

1. Visit a dog-friendly beach

Take your dog to the beach and play fetch in the water. Of the many beaches around the British coast there are a small proportion of sites that allow dogs all year round, where you can let your dog off leash to frolic in the sand and water. The Beach Guide has researched which beaches are dog friendly and where dogs are banned to save you a wasted journey.

2. Explore a local dog walk

How about packing a lunch, heading out for the day and discovering more of the countryside around you? Find a new dog walk, a new adventure. If you need a little inspiration or help in finding somewhere a bit different to take your dog this summer, online resources such as Walkiees can help you with this.

3. Head out to a dog-friendly pub

Ahhh, after a long day (or long walk) nothing beats a well-earned beverage in a friendly pub with your dog resting at your feet. Doggie Pubs has over 5000 pubs listed – all places where you and your best friend are welcome.

4. Nose work and scent games

Nose work and scent games offer your dog a fun way to use their natural talents – and you can have fun teaching them! Scent work activity is a lot of fun for dogs – it makes them feel useful and productive. Here’s a great blog post that takes you through scent work basics – enjoy!

5. Take a class with your dog

How about spending some valuable time with your dog learning something new? This could be a training class, a socialisation class or even a canine massage class (hint, hint – Big Brown Dog’s Introduction to Canine Massage Therapy Workshop). Any kind of class where you can bond with your dog is a fantastic idea. Check your local dog businesses for details on classes in your area.

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