“I can thoroughly recommend the Introduction to Canine Massage Workshop run by Jacqueline. Over 4 hours, It was a good mix of theory and practical and was not too long for the dogs. Jacqueline ensured each owner got individual instruction on all the massage techniques and I came away feeling very confident about giving my dogs a massage at home. The relaxed atmosphere meant the dogs were not stressed or worried and they absolutely loved all the attention.”

Judith O, Warfield, Berkshire

“We were referred to Jacqueline because our Weimaraner Logan has an unusual gait and a very arched back. Being a typical Weimaraner, Logan could never calm down enough to enjoy the massage so we now see Jacqueline regularly to do and learn exercises to help with his leg and back issues. Logan absolutely loves seeing Jacqueline and we can already see the difference the exercises are having. Logan is now coming on leaps and bounds!”

Michelle R, London

“I would like to say a massive thanks to Jacqui and the recommendation for exercise routines she gave for my dog, Arnie’s hip dysplasia. They continue to really make a difference in his day to day walking and mobility. Would highly recommend for her knowledge and helpfulness.”

Chrissie P, Godalming, Surrey

“Jacqueline is great at what she does; she is so compassionate with my 15 year old black Labrador. Alfie suffers from arthritis and muscle wastage in his back legs, generally just from being old. He goes to Jacqueline for a massage every 4-5 weeks. This rejuvenates Alfie and I would say I can notice the difference the day after. The treatment really gives him the boost that he needs. I highly recommend this treatment for any dog, but especially a senior dog. Alfie loves Jacqueline and is very comfortable at her home and just lets her get on with massaging him. He loves it and sometimes falls asleep!”

Evie L, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

“Jacqueline has a lovely way with dogs.

I brought all four of our agility dogs to see her for different reasons. An old collie to learn exercises to relax him and keep his muscles and joints supple as he suffers from hip dysplasia. A young cocker to keep her in top shape. A collie who had tendon damage as a young adult – and had bad experiences with the vets, meaning she was then reactive with anyone doing examinations. (Jacqueline spent a lot of time working on her trust with Mist and we are seeing some great improvements.) A papillon with IBD who developed sensitivity with her back, tummy and neck – we were given exercises to help and we are able to massage her in areas we haven’t been able to before.

Overall we are extremely impressed with Jacqueline’s manner with the dogs and everything is explained very well.”

Gemma T, Didcot, Oxfordshire

“Thank you to Jacqueline for helping us with some good fun exercises to help Dolly with her flexibility and movement. Dolly was not keen for massage but she was rather intrigued when Jacqueline was getting out her cones and poles – much more Dolly’s idea of fun – and the Primula cheese!”

Deb S, Flackwell Heath, Buckinghamshire

“We contacted Jacqueline because Harvey had arthritis in his back and sometimes after a long walk would have a slight limp. Since he’s only 6 we wanted to ensure we could provide sufficient help for him that he could still enjoy all his walks.

The first session was quite tricky because Harvey didn’t know her and wasn’t particularly relaxed. However, she was extremely patient with him. We have spotted significant improvement in his mobility. He now has much greater flexibility and when we massage him, he stretches his back legs much more than he has ever done. He also no longer limps after a long walk.

All this was achieved with only 4 sessions. And better still, Jacqueline was willing to travel to us.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Jacqueline and her services.”

Mary W, London

“I started taking my 11 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Monty to have Myotherapy massage with Jacqueline due to him having arthritis in his shoulders. We started in July and go every other week for an hour appointment.

The improvement in him has been amazing. He’s not the easiest dog to work on but Jacqueline has been brilliant, staying calm and focused and her perseverance has paid off. Monty is moving and standing better, not so stiff in his shoulders. I like the fact that I’m learning too and have been given exercises I can do at home.”

Carol S, Didcot, Oxfordshire

“I own a red boxer. Her name is Boudicea, known as Boudi.  Following the reputation of her breed Boudi is daft and manipulative and only shows signs of canine intelligence when it’s to her advantage.

Boudi damaged her left cruciate ligament, which required surgery when she was 17 months old. She made an excellent recovery, but in the last 3 years or so the vet says there are signs of arthritis in the joint. Luckily this only affects her occasionally – usually when she has run a lot or lain awkwardly on her knee. On these occasions she tends to show a slight limp for a short time.

Jacqui asked me if she could use Boudi for a case study in dog massage. With our vet’s approval I agreed. Boudi certainly wasn’t an ideal patient – she wanted to play, shower Jacqui with affection, etc. Jacqui showed amazing patience and tolerance. Once Boudi realised what was expected and it was a pleasurable experience, she lapped up the attention. Her state of relaxation after the session was amazing – she was in a kind of stance-like state. Since then I massage the area myself if I notice any limp or stiffness.

I was so impressed by the experience that will certainly look at massage as a first line of treatment when and if Boudi requires further help with her arthritis.”

Anne M MBE, Maidenhead, Berkshire

“Jacqueline a big thank you for your help with Tilly’s arthritis. This is the best she’s been since being diagnosed with the hip dysplasia. The course of massages you gave her, plus your advice on off-lead exercise has made a big improvement to her. I use the techniques you taught me to give her massages on the odd occasion when she is stiff after laying down.

I thought you’d be pleased to hear that the exercises you recommended to improve Tilly’s core strength are proving very effective.  Her joint stability is now very good, so much so that I’ve been able to reduce her medication.

Keep up the great work!”

Christine W, Sidcup, Kent

“Milly underwent an elbow dysplasia operation on her front right, but after various treatments she has never been 100%, being left with a limp. Jacqui performed Myotherapy massage with a very calm approach enabling Milly to feel confident and relaxed and stay still.

I felt the treatment improved Milly’s limp and made her more agile. It was during our sessions that Jacqui made me aware that Milly had another issue on her front left which has since been treated.

There is no doubt Myotherapy massage has helped Milly where many other forms of treatment have failed.”

Sharon C, Bracknell, Berkshire

“We noticed that Jess, our 9 year old BSD bitch, wasn’t jumping properly at the Thames Championship Agility Show. In that week she had taken part in two consecutive training sessions. Fortunately we met Jacqueline there and we booked Jess in for an assessment and some Myotherapy massage sessions at Active Paws.

Jacqueline had a very understanding and patient approach to Jess who was reactive to being touched where her muscles were sore.

We were advised to rest her and shown some massage techniques and exercises to do at home. Resting and massage definitely seemed to really help and Jess is back to full fitness again.”

Eva P, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

“Jacqueline has been wonderful with my spaniel Bobbie.  Jacqueline has a lovely gentle calm approach to massage and Bobbie enjoyed and benefited from her treatments. If you are considering a massage treatment for your dog I highly recommend Jacqueline.”

Faye H, Maidenhead, Berkshire

“Jacqueline has a beautiful affinity with dogs and her treatments are kind and effective with concern for the dog’s needs uppermost.  I watched my dog let go completely and then she walked with more ease in the days ahead. She has arthritis and can tense up in the area of pain so by relaxing her body, the blood can flow to this area, which is healing and nurturing for her.”

Mary N, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

“I would like to thank Jacqui for introducing me and my dogs to massage therapy, as it has made a big difference to them.

Tabitha is a 5-year old fit and healthy agility and show dog. Two years ago she had an accident whilst competing in an agility show when she lost her footing at speed and fell from a dog walk and landed sideways onto a tunnel that was below it.

She was checked out by my vet and luckily didn’t sustain any injury other than bruising. However, it became apparent to me that she just wasn’t right; she would sometimes sit slightly off square and occasionally had slight tightness through her shoulders and lower back. All small stuff but all the indicators that she was at times uncomfortable.

I sought various experts’ advice, including chiropractic. However, it was Jacqui’s treatments – reading Tabitha’s muscle tone to identify areas of problems in the soft tissue, caused by the fall and those that had developed subsequently as compensatory issues, that have helped Tabitha the most.

I’m now a total convert and ensure my dogs receive regular muscle checks and massage treatment if needed to help keep them in great condition.”

Simone S, Iver, Buckinghamshire

“The massage treatment definitely seems to be working! Bertie is a lot better and his back legs are much less stiff. I have noticed an improvement in his gait, he is more keen to jump up into the car and up on things. He’s holding his tail up a lot more and is not shaking his back leg out in the morning before going for a walk. It has definitely done the trick!”

Gaby T, Wallingford, Oxford

“Jock’s reservations went out the window by Jacqueline’s third visit to us. He no longer looked at her as a stranger being strangely intimate with him, but as someone he knew was going to massage him into a deep and relaxing state.

Jock is able to stretch his back legs further than pre massage treatments, and he no longer overuses his right back leg to compensate for the weaker, and previously tighter, back left leg.

Jacqueline is professional and knowledgeable, but also warm and loving towards our canine buddy. I am not only comfortable recommending her but would strongly encourage those thinking of helping their dogs through massage treatment to contact her.”

Beth B, South Kensington, London

“Thank you Jacqui for caring for our elderly and arthritic West Highland Terrier who has such a love for life but her poor old body is not as young as her mind. Being a terrier and 14 years old dear Holly can be a little stubborn and independent but you gain her trust and love quickly.

She now really enjoys her therapy especially the tummy rub afterwards! Holly’s flexibility is a lot better and she is walking with more ease and along with the exercises and massages we can hopefully let her enjoy her more mature years. Thank you so much for your love and care.”

Linda M, Bracknell, Berkshire

“I contacted Jacqueline to come and help with two of my dogs, one who had a heat spot on the top of her back and whose movement seemed choppy and restricted; the other who had two hot spots over her hips and has a bit of arthritis.

Jacqueline was so patient with both of them over the four sessions, particularly my Wheaten terrier who was very suspicious of her and really didn’t want her to be touching her for very long at all. With her patience and my coaxing she managed treatment on both of them and after two sessions I started to see improvements.

After four sessions, they are both moving so much better. Wispa is back to fluid strides and stretches really well, of her own accord, and Treacle has a real spring in her step.

The approach used to assess and treat, along with Jacqueline’s patience and guidance with what to work on in between sessions, has produced great results. My vet commented on how well they both looked and felt, a proud moment. Thank you Jacqueline, I can’t recommend you more highly.”

Ainsley M, Benson, Oxfordshire