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Five amazing ways dogs can make your life fulfilling

Did you know that being a pet parent to a dog could actually increase your life expectancy? Although plenty of research is still left to make any concluding statements, but it is true that life is a fuller and happier place if you have a furry best friend to spend it with. Dogs complete our lives and make all the disappointments worth living and fighting for. Here are five incredible ways in which your best companion of all times can fill your life with the best feelings ever.

1. Living a healthy life

Every pet parent knows that dogs love activities and if have one at home, you are likely to be way more active than a person who does not have a pet. You are also likely to exercise along with your dog by either running after it, walking it twice a day, playing fetch and trying to stop it from tearing down the house. You are literally on your feet all the time which improves your cardiovascular health and keeps you healthy.

2. Your children are never lonely

It is a difficult task to keep children occupied all day. It is not that complicated if you have a dog at home. It is a well-known fact that dogs and children become the best of companions if they grow up together. They learn to share things more easily, they are always active and they also learn to be kind and gentle.

3. You are more social

If you are an introvert, you might know and miss what being social implies. Not all of us are equipped with a sociable nature and we end up lonely in our lives. Having a dog ensures that you have a companion as well as more human interaction that could significantly improve your social skills. Taking out your dog to the park, to the veterinarian and to other social activities leads to having more friends and acquaintances.

4. Your stress levels are reduced

It is probably the best feeling in the world to come back to your furry friend who waits in anticipation of a fun-filled evening. There is nothing like being welcomed with adorable woofs and cuddling with a friend that will never judge you. Studies suggest that dog owners have increased levels of serotonin in their bodies and significantly reduced levels of stress. Serotonin is the “happy hormone” that keeps you feeling relaxed, calm and happy.

5. Fewer allergic reactions

Studies suggest that households that have dogs report fewer episodes of allergies. Children that grow up with dogs at home are less likely to develop allergic dermatitis. Researchers claim that this could be the effect of the probiotics in a dog’s mouth that helps develop antibodies.

More reasons to love your dog

Now that we are aware of how incredible an addition a dog could be to your lives, it surely gives you more reasons to return all the favours. You ought to care for your dog as much as you would care for your newborn. A dog needs to be fed well, kept clean and showered with all the love and affection that you can possibly garner.

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