“I own a red boxer. Her name is Boudicea, known as Boudi.  Following the reputation of her breed Boudi is daft and manipulative and only shows signs of canine intelligence when it’s to her advantage.

Boudi damaged her left cruciate ligament, which required surgery when she was 17 months old. She made an excellent recovery, but in the last 3 years or so the vet says there are signs of arthritis in the joint. Luckily this only affects her occasionally – usually when she has run a lot or lain awkwardly on her knee. On these occasions she tends to show a slight limp for a short time.

Jacqui asked me if she could use Boudi for a case study in dog massage. With our vet’s approval I agreed. Boudi certainly wasn’t an ideal patient – she wanted to play, shower Jacqui with affection, etc. Jacqui showed amazing patience and tolerance. Once Boudi realised what was expected and it was a pleasurable experience, she lapped up the attention. Her state of relaxation after the session was amazing – she was in a kind of stance-like state. Since then I massage the area myself if I notice any limp or stiffness.

I was so impressed by the experience that will certainly look at massage as a first line of treatment when and if Boudi requires further help with her arthritis.”