We are expanding into Hydrotherapy!

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Our founder Jacqueline Newholm has decided to expand the offering at Big Brown Dog Therapy to now include Hydrotherapy. We caught up with Jacqui on week one of her new course to find out more. Here is what she had to say. What is hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is an alternative therapy to help strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, relieve swelling, pain …

puppy sleeping

Canine massage therapy for puppies

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Canine massage therapy is often thought of as a treatment for older dogs, but massage is a fantastic therapy for dogs of all ages, from puppies through to seniors.  In our latest blog we want to explore the positive effects canine massage therapy can have on puppies from improving their circulation, to helping to ease stress and encourage relaxation. The …

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Five amazing ways dogs can make your life fulfilling

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Did you know that being a pet parent to a dog could actually increase your life expectancy? Although plenty of research is still left to make any concluding statements, but it is true that life is a fuller and happier place if you have a furry best friend to spend it with. Dogs complete our lives and make all the …

Dog agility

End of the 2017 dog agility season

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We are fast approaching the end of the 2017 dog agility season; it has been an exciting year.  We have talked a bit this year about how to get our dogs fighting fit for agility competitions, which has included warm up exercises and cool down exercises.  As with humans, these are really important to help the dog avoid injury and if …

dog joint pain case study

How to help relieve dog joint pain

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Over the last few years, I have been really privileged to work with a number of different dog patients, especially older dogs, all with different physical challenges.  I really enjoy watching the transformation in my patients, seeing a dog with joint pain, being stiff and struggling to move; to then relaxing into the massage treatment and gaining increased flexibility.  My …

hip dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia: Is Your Dog At Risk For This Condition?

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As pet owners, we love our dogs, and we never like to see them in any pain. Unfortunately, many dogs develop health issues as they age, and these can be very scary to deal with. One common condition that many pet owners have to deal with is canine hip dysplasia. Because dogs affected often have to have surgery to help …

Fun activities for dogs

Fun activities to do with your dog this summer

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Now that the summer is in full swing, it is the perfect time to get outside and make the most of the warmer weather. Wondering how to keep yourself and your dog occupied? Here are a few fun activities you could enjoy with your dog this summer. 1. Visit a dog-friendly beach Take your dog to the beach and play …

dog obesity

Human food as dog food: a translation

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Just like us, it’s easy for dogs to put on a few extra pounds if they consume too many calories and aren’t getting enough exercise, particularly as they get older. Recent studies have shown that canine obesity is becoming a serious problem in the UK whereby 1 in 3 dogs is overweight or obese.* I have to admit that from …

Big Brown Dog Massage therapy visits Malta!

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I decided it was time for a short break and wanted an easy, stress-free holiday.  A good friend of mine lives in Malta, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to visit her and have a bit or R+R. But the entrepreneur in me decided that it would be too much of a wasted opportunity if I didn’t try to …

Cool down after agility competition

Post-exercise cool down massage

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Why cool down? A cooling down routine is just as important as a warm up and is extremely important when it comes to ensuring that our dogs are injury-free. The main purpose of the cool down is to promote recovery and return the body to a pre exercise level. During strenuous exercise, the dog’s body will deal with a number of …