“I contacted Jacqueline to come and help with two of my dogs, one who had a heat spot on the top of her back and whose movement seemed choppy and restricted; the other who had two hot spots over her hips and has a bit of arthritis.

Jacqueline was so patient with both of them over the four sessions, particularly my Wheaten terrier who was very suspicious of her and really didn’t want her to be touching her for very long at all. With her patience and my coaxing she managed treatment on both of them and after two sessions I started to see improvements.

After four sessions, they are both moving so much better. Wispa is back to fluid strides and stretches really well, of her own accord, and Treacle has a real spring in her step.

The approach used to assess and treat, along with Jacqueline’s patience and guidance with what to work on in between sessions, has produced great results. My vet commented on how well they both looked and felt, a proud moment. Thank you Jacqueline, I can’t recommend you more highly.”